Big Advantages Found in GTA Paperless Accounting

Going Paperless Pays Off for CPA Clients

What can paperless accounting tell you about an accounting firm? As it turns out, quite a bit. The move to paperless offices has laudable environmental advantages with the reduction of paper, ink and copier parts. But it’s more than that.

When your accounting firm is paperless it can save you significant work at year end.  Rather than printing out copies of documents for mailing you can upload them electronic copies directly.  This can save you time, postage and create a faster turnaround.

Reducing the amount of paper improves the efficiency of a firm. Digital documents are far easier to store, organize and access than paper. This means that staff can spend more time actually working on files.

There’s a cost reduction too. In file-heavy fields – such as accountancy – a large portion of a firm’s office space is used for storage. That’s an overhead cost that is passed along to the consumer.

Productivity improves. Consider how much time you have spent over the years hunting for files and then shuffling through them to find the document you need. A digital document archive with a powerful search function can bypass all that.

Waste is reduced. There’s no need for duplication. The office space itself looks better, less-cluttered. A cleaner desk means a clearer focus!

And finally, there is the hard cost of paper, ink, printers – it all adds up, and is passed along to the consumer.

A paperless office suggests something about the accounting firm – that it is efficient and up-to-date. After that, it’s not a large leap in logic to realize that the firm itself will be similarly forward-thinking with regard to your accounting needs.

Paperless Niagara Region Firm Offers Wide Range of Services

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) firm that has fully embraced technology must still offer the services you specifically require. Through word of mouth recommendations or internet searches, find one in your area that offers a team approach – so that all of your accounting needs can be efficiently handled in one office.

Serving the Niagara Region, Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto Area, the CPA firm of Jones & O’Connell LLP is one suitable candidate. The company focuses on businesses of all sizes, unincorporated and incorporated. Among their services its staff of highly-qualified professionals’ handles are:

  • Satisfying tax compliance requirements;
  • Keeping compilation costs at a minimum;
  • Full range of bookkeeping services including a staff specialist in QuickBooks;
  • Financial advisory help with budgets, forecasts;
  • Advice on purchase and sale of business;
  • Computer consulting; systems planning and selection; installation and training;
  • Management advisory service.

Minimizing Your Tax Liabilities – the Paperless Way

Tax planning and preparation are always a concern for businesses and individuals. A paperless firm like Jones & O’Connell LLP, with its team approach, is fully able to guide you through the strategies that will minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your cash flow.

Income tax optimization services include personal tax planning and preparation; investment portfolio review for tax optimization (capital gains and losses); tax shelter analysis; estate planning; and business succession planning.

Personal financial planning is available to steer you through life’s expected – and unexpected – events. This includes extensive estates and trusts services.

A paperless accounting firm can be vital when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), both by acting as your agent and ensuring that you have full compliance with all tax obligations.